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ALTHY Whole House IPSE Water Descaler System, Alternative Water Softener, Salt-Free, Power-free, Anti Limescale Rust Corrosion

ALTHY Whole House IPSE Water Descaler System, Alternative Water Softener, Salt-Free, Power-free, Anti Limescale Rust Corrosion

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Brand Name: ALTHY

Use: Under Sink

Origin: Mainland China

CN: Shanghai

Material: Stainless Steel

Water treatment machine Type: Soft Water Machine

Certification: CE

Certification: RoHS

Model Number: AL-WS100

Purifying Position: Central Purification

Water Quality Requirements: Municipal Water

Function: Indirect Drink

Installation: Wall Mounting Type



Please distinguish between true and fake IPSE, ALTHY has been certified by the NSF China Branch, the only patented technology that has passed, the fake brand is just an empty shell and has no effect.

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ALTHY New Patented Descaling Technology – IPSE (Ion Polarization System) – POWER-FREE, SALT-FREE, MAINTENANCE-FRR.

●Suitable for Whole house scale inhibition&descaler, Reduces 86% creation of Limescale on water supply elements.Extends life and efficiency ( water heater,shower heads, Boiler, kettle of home appliances, pipework, valves, taps, mixers).
●IPSE (Ion Polarization System) :
A new type of patented pipe-type antiscaling device, including a shell, an impeller assembly and an alloy antiscaling assembly; through the impeller, the flow field of the entire water flow is disturbed, and the scouring force of the water flow on the alloy antiscaling assembly is
increased, so that the alloy can be fully released free electrons prevent calcium and magnesium ions from scaling, which Realize efficient descaling and antiscaling.
●Note: Does not lower TDS(ppm):(Prevent calcium and magnesium ions from scaling and form compounds, but will not remove calcium and magnesium ions, unlike traditional water softeners.)
The IPSE system changes the structure of ions in the water passing through the equipment, so that Ca+ (calcium ions),Mg+ (magnesium ions) in the water cannot crystallize and are stored in the water as monomeric components, thereby preventing the formation of scale.
Promote the transformation of dense Calcite scale into loose aragonite scale with weak adhesion, so that the scale falls off and removes the scale formed by compaction.Maintain the efficiency of your water heater and avoid wasted electricity bills.
●Copper-based Catalyst Zinc Alloy:Removes heavy metals, prevents mineral scaling, and inhibits microorganisms.
●Easy-to-install and maintenance-free.No need to replace the filter , no maintenance, more economical and worry-free than traditional water softeners
●Connects directly to copper, CPVC or PVC pipe, Adapts easily for PEX and other pipe types.
●NSF certification health safety product – each part of IPS is made from material suitable for contact with drinking water.
●TUS test report about Presure drop, Pressure resistance and Strength.Durable body (Stainless steel 1.4301) and internal parts – 1 year warranty, works well at least 10 years


Connection: Female NPT/G 3/4" x Female NPT/GG 3/4" (Customers purchase adapters according to your own needs)
Maximum Flowrate: up to 4 m3/h
Material: Stainless Steel
Suitable for Pipe Type: Copper, CPVC, PVC, PEX
Maximum Pressure Drops: 43 Pa – 692 Pa
Operating Temperature (inlet): 0°C to 100°C
(Optimal temperature for maximum efficiency Min/Max (inlet): 0 °C to 60 °C)


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