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ALTHY Portable Hydrogen Water Nano Mist Generator Facial Steamer Face Moisturizing Beauty Instrument Atomization Spray Mister

ALTHY Portable Hydrogen Water Nano Mist Generator Facial Steamer Face Moisturizing Beauty Instrument Atomization Spray Mister

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Brand Name: ALTHY

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Origin: Mainland China

Commodity Quality Certification: ROHS

Spray Type: Cold Spray

Type: Facial Moisturizing Steamer

Application: Electrolysis Hydrogen water facial mist sprayer

Applicable water quality: mineral water-recommended, tap water

Hydrogen concentration:: 300ppb/30s 600ppb/120s 800ppb/180s

ORP:: -300 to -400mv

Spray Technology: Ultrasonic Nano Spray, Aperture 7-9μm

Atomization quantity: 0.8-1.2 ml/min

Electrode: titanium plated with platinum

Power supply: DC5V 500mAh + Micro USB

Water tank capacity: 15ml

Product size: 42*22*122 mm / 60 g


ALTHY Hydrogen Water Nano Mist

Our skin is constantly exposed to reactive oxygen species (so-called ROS) from environmental pollution, UV radiation, and more. This is why our skin gets old very fast with wrinkles, dryness, and even skin diseases. The ALTHY H2-Mist Hydrogen Water Diffuser is designed to help you achieve maximum moisture, reduce oxidative damages on skin, and slows aging process. Giving you a younger and healthier looking skin.
● H2-MIST produces Molecular hydrogen Rich water. Hydrogen Rich water is known by nature provides best antioxidant, anti-aging property, shrink pores, moisturizing, and Anti-acne, and has strong anti-inflammation property.
● H2-MIST is a Real hydrogen Mister built with high quality titanium electrodes for ultimate hydrogen concentration. H2-Mist produces hydrogen concentration up to 800 ppb and -400 ORP (oxidation reduction potential)
● Through an electrolysis process transforms water molecules into smaller clusters for maximum skin absorption. This micro clustering process allows water to better penetrate the skin offering maximum skin moisturizing benefits to rejuvenate skin to its vibrant, young & healthier state.
● Using latest Nanoscaling Hydrating Ultrasonic Technology. Ultrasonic mist technology vibrates over a sequence of 120k times per second, creating the finest nano water particles for best skin moisturizing.
● Instant spraying and moisturizing your hand, skin, eyelashes, hair everywhere you go. It's portable & rechargeable with standard USB cable. Can be used before and after applying makeup, soften your skins and remove skin dryness & wrinkles. Studies shown that hydrogen water is strong skin curing property after sun burned. It rejuvenate and vital your skins against everyday oxidative stress. Get the H2-MIST the Real hydrogen rich water Mister for best skin care!




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