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ALTHY Hydrogen Inhalation Machine & Hydrogen Water Generator 99.99% High Purity Low Noise H2 Inhalation SPE/PEM 150ml/min

ALTHY Hydrogen Inhalation Machine & Hydrogen Water Generator 99.99% High Purity Low Noise H2 Inhalation SPE/PEM 150ml/min

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Brand Name: ALTHY

Use: Pitcher

Origin: Mainland China

CN: Shanghai

Material: Titanium

Water treatment machine Type: Water Purifier

Certification: CE

Certification: CE

Model Number: H2-inhale

Purifying Position: Other

Water Quality Requirements: High Quality Drinking Water

Function: Direct Drink

Type: Ionizer

Technology: SPE&PEM Dual Chamber

Suitable for water quality: only Pure water or distilled water

ALTHY 99.99% High Purity Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Low Noise Make Hydrogen Water H2 Inhalation Generator SPE/PEM 150ml/m

● This is a Hydrogen Inhalation Machine with 150ml hydrogen flow rate and 99.99% high Purify Hydrogen Inhalation Device. The biggest difference between inhaling hydrogen and drinking hydrogen-rich water is that the way of absorption is different. Inhaling hydrogen enters our body from our respiratory system, while drinking hydrogen-rich water enters our body from our digestive system. Inhaling hydrogen affects breathing System, nervous system and cerebrovascular diseases have significant effects, and drinking hydrogen water has obvious effects on digestion and other system diseases. So the combined effect will be faster and more significant! Due to the higher hydrogen content that can be obtained by breathing hydrogen gas, it has greater potential and space as a disease treatment in general. Hydrogen absorption can quickly absorb hydrogen, which is more suitable for emergency patients and adjuvant therapy for patients with chronic diseases or tumors.
● The ALTHY Pure Hydrogen Inhalation Machine has obvious effects on the respiratory system, brain nerves, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's and other issues, improve rhinitis, lungs, depression, insomnia, etc, alleviate the pain after chemotherapy in critically ill patients, it also can reduce tumors, prevent and improve tumors, cancer, and resist radiation.
● the latest SPE(Solid Poly Electrolytic technology) + PEM(Proton Exchange Membrane) Dual Chamber solution,does not produce harmful gases such as residual chlorine and ozone.
● 2in1 multi-purpose, for breathing inhalation and hydrogen water making. Included hydrogen infusing stick changes this machine to a universal hydrogen water generator for all kinds of water and drink.Can also make Hydrogen Water for Hydrogen bathing/footbath to Beauty and Anti-Aging
● Smart Sensor Technology
Low Water Sensor: Signals when the water is below the min line.
TDS Sensor: Will signal when water in the device is not pure or needs to be changed
Slant / Tilt Sensor: When the device has been tilted or is in a slant will be activated.
● Smart indicator, Simple Operation, Safety setting, easy process for elderly People
● The resin filter designed for the ALTHY hydrogen inhaler filters out any impurities in the water tank of the hydrogen inhaler. Due to more usage minerals or sediments may build up over time. The resin filter will help prevent build up of any impurities in the water tank of to keep the hydrogen inhaler working at optimal levels. This is important because you can continue enjoying high quality pure molecular hydrogen gas. Each filter should be replaced 1 month or approximately 100 hours of H2 Inhalation.
● Only use distilled or pure water, not mineral water and tap water, otherwise the hydrogen inhaler will flash red and cannot work
● 1 YEAR WARRANTY: If your Hydrogen Water Generator has any quality problems, ALTHY will replace it for you free within 1 year from date of purchase

Package Includes

1 * Hydrogen Inhalation Machine
3 * Ion Exchange Resin Filter( For making the
water purer and make purer Hydrogen Gas!)
5 * Hydrogen Inhalation Tube
1 * Hydrogen-rich water making stick
1 * Charger
1 * Power Adapter
1 * User Manual


To ensure the normal operation of the device, please use distilled water or pure water.
X Do not use tap water in the machine.
X Do not use domestic purified water in the machine.
X Do not use mineral water or natural water in the machine.

Failures caused by improper water sources are not covered by the warranty.
When the machine works continuously for more than 1 week, it is recommended to drain out the water fully and replace with new water source.
When the machine is not used more than 1 week or during transportation, please drain the water completely.
When the water quality is poor, output hydrogen may reduce, and the pipe may be blocked by the scale, leading to a shorter service life of the machine. Please use recommended water source.


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