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ALTHY ACF System Faucet Water Filter, Tap Water Purifier, Reduces Lead, Chlorine & Bad Taste NSF Certified 320-Gallon Kitchen

ALTHY ACF System Faucet Water Filter, Tap Water Purifier, Reduces Lead, Chlorine & Bad Taste NSF Certified 320-Gallon Kitchen

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Brand Name: ALTHY

Use: Faucet-Mounted

Origin: JP(Origin)

Material: Activated Carbon Filter Element

Water treatment machine Type: Water Purifier

Certification: RoHS

Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 2.0

5 Stage Filtration: Yes

Purifying Position: Terminal Purification

Water Quality Requirements: Municipal Water/Well Water

Function: Indirect Drink

Type: Activated Carbon

Installation: Table Type

Filter material: Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF)

Removal: chlorine, lead, sediment, rust, odor, sand, impurities

Filter life: 3months, According to local water quality

Operating Working Pressure: 15-100 psi / 100-689 kPa.

Operating Temperature: 41-122℉/ 5-50℃

Host material: LEAD-FREE Material & Food-Grade Material

●NSF certifications: Tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI standard 42 for the reduction of chlorine, taste and odor, and to NSF/ANSI 372 for lead-free material. Provides you with safer and healthier water. ⭐Please Note: This system DOES NOT lower TDS value.
●Japan Innovative ACF Technology:ALTHY adopts selected and tested Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) that features large surface area and a lot of microholes to effectively adsorb harmful substances present in the tap water, leaving you with pure drinkable water.
●Longer filter life: Each faucet filter provides 320 gallons of cleaner water, or 3 months of typical use - that’s 2x longer than most faucet filters. 4-pack replacement filters are available for purchase!
●Lead & chlorine reduction: The innovative ACF material features great and fast filtration. You will fill up 4 water bottles (16.9 oz for each) in 1 minute. Upgraded filtration technology to reduce lead chlorine, offering safer and refreshing water for you and your family.
●Convenient usage: The design of a simple switch between quality filtered water and regular tap water helps prolong the service life of the filter. The filtered water faucet adopts leak-proof technology and can be attached to your faucet very easily with the various adapters included.
●Important note: Works with standard faucets. Does not fit pull-out, hand-held, spray style faucets or faucets with sensor. Please verify if our product suits your faucet before purchase per the detailed instructions in product pictures.

Can the system reduce TDS?

No. TDS value isn’t directly related to water quality.

TDS stands for total dissolved solids.The presence of minerals keeps TDS at high levels

ALTHY faucet water filter reduces harmful pσllutants while retains natural minerals which are beneficial for your health.

Product parameter

Brand: ALTHY
Certification: NSF/ANSI 42 from IAPMO, European Food Grade Regulation EC-1935/2016, ROHS, REACH, BPA-Free, TUV, and Australian Water Mark.
Material: LEAD-FREE Material & Food-Grade Material
Filter Life: 320 gallons(or 3 months, Affected by local water quality)
Flow rate: 0.5GPM
Filtration accuracy: 0.5 micron
Operating Temperature: 41-122℉/ 5-50℃
Operating Working Pressure: 15-100 psi / 100-689 kPa.
Warranty Description:One Year Guarantee!


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