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ALTHY 5 Micron Whole House Sediment Water Filter System Prefilter Purifier, 10 Inch PPFcotton Pre filter

ALTHY 5 Micron Whole House Sediment Water Filter System Prefilter Purifier, 10 Inch PPFcotton Pre filter

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Brand Name: ALTHY

Use: Household Pre-Filtration

Origin: Mainland China

CN: Guangdong

Material: PPF Cotton

Water treatment machine Type: Water Purifier

Certification: CE

Certification: RoHS

Purifying Position: Central Purification

Water Quality Requirements: Municipal Water/Well Water

Function: Indirect Drink

Installation: Kitchen/Wall

Flow rate: 1500 L/h

Filtration accuracy: 5 microns

Filter replacement: 2-4 months

Size: 390*120mm


●ALTHY AL-PRE-PP whole house water filter conforms to the European Union ROHS requirements of environmental protection. It adopts food-grade polypropylene with NSF certified, to reduce particles and sediments larger than 5 microns in diameter effectively, including sediments, rust, dirt, coarse sand, fine sand, and silt, amongst others.Effectively prevents the clogging of water pipes and prolong the service life of your water equipment. You also get a stable and continuous water flow without obvious pressure drop.
● 5 micron filtration - reduces sediment smaller than the human eye can see, Compared with the 40 micron stainless steel filter, it has a finer filtering effect. NSF Certified to Standard 42 for removal of particulate class V.
●Greater Dirt Holding Capacity: These sediment cartridges features multi-layer gradient density and deep grooved design, make it 3 times the dirt-holding capacity of standard 10 inch sediment cartridges, bring a longer life-cycle and saving replacement cost.
●Triple Stage Density: The whole house water filter is designed with a perfect balanced density featuring three PP layers to remove most sediment, dirt, rust and particles. Higher particle reduction efficiency as the pre-filters in home and commercial water purified system.
● Easy Filter Replacement - Snap-on rotation design, 3 seconds to unscrew, 3 minutes to replace. No more bothering you to bend down and go under the sink to change the filter.
Enjoy fresh water consistently by replacing your filter every 3-6 months or after 13,000 gallons, whichever comes first will vary based on water quality. Poor water quality will shorten the service life of the filter, so replace your filter in time to ensure maximum filtering capability.
● For Stand-Alone Or Combind Use - This Whole House Filter System can be used by itself or with additional ALTHY filtration systems, allowing you to customize your filtration system to fit your home's unique needs.
● Simple DIY Installation - Package includes filter housing, sediment filter, and housing wrench. (The original G1/2 inch interface)




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